Let's just get it out of the way now -- Carson Wentz cannot be an option at QB in 2023

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
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The New Orleans Saints might be dipping their toes back into the quarterback pool again this offseason and if/when they do, Carson Wentz can absolutely not be in that discussion.

This past offseason was a whirlwind of quarterback rumors for the Saints before they eventually caved and signed Jameis Winston to a two-year deal. Some of the names that were thrown around ranged from Russell Wilson (which, might have dodged a bullet there honestly) to Derek Carr to Mitch Trubisky. There were even a few rumblings about potentially trading for Wentz (though it was never anything official).

Wentz, the former No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft out of North Dakota State, took the league by storm early in his career. During the 2017 season, his second year in the league, he was on track to be named league MVP until he was injured late in the regular season. Nick Foles then led the Eagles to a Super Bowl title and Wentz was never the same guy again after that.

Saints need to avoid Carson Wentz like the plague this offseason

With Wentz on the decline (he threw 15 interceptions through 12 starts in 2020), the Eagles sent him to Indianapolis and he spent the 2021 season as a Colt. He was okay that year, throwing for over 3,500 yards, 27 touchdowns, and just seven interceptions. Wentz might have still been in Indy had he not melted down in their regular-season finale against the Jaguars. All they had to do to make the playoffs was win and they failed to do so against the worst team in the league.

That led to Wentz getting traded again, this time to the Commanders, where he has not fared well. After throwing just seven picks in 17 starts last year, Wentz has already thrown five in just four starts during his brief time with Washington. He's also been sacked 17 times already and as Aaron Schatz mentions in the tweet below, he has three intentional grounding penalties, which are similar to sacks in that you lose a down and don't gain yardage.

There haven't been any mentions of where Wentz could land next year yet but it can't be in New Orleans. Perhaps Jameis Winston steps in when he's healthier and plays better, therefore making the team feel better about starting him next year. He is, after all, under contract for 2023 and the Saints don't have a first-round pick to potentially target a different quarterback.

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If New Orleans does decide to add another quarterback this offseason, though, it can't be Carson Wentz. He's shown that he isn't anywhere close to being a franchise quarterback.