This might be a bad time to bring up that Saints don't have 1st-round pick in 2023

2018 NFL Draft
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The New Orleans Saints dropped to 1-3 after special teams miscues and turnovers were too much for them to overcome against the Minnesota Vikings.

Clearly the Saints aren't a good football team. They've proven that during four weeks of play. The coaching has been horrendous, the offense has been mostly inept, and the sloppiness comes back and bites them in the key moments of games.

With the Saints relying on either Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton to win them games, the end result of this season probably isn't going to be very good. Typically in a season trending like this, fans could at least turn their attention and excitement to the NFL Draft but Saints fans can't even do that.

Why not, you ask?

Oh because the Saints don't have a first-round pick in 2023 due to the trade with the Eagles earlier this year. The Saints could end up with a top 10 pick (hell, even a top-5 pick if we're being honest with ourselves) and won't even be able to reap the benefits of it. Brutal.

Saints don't have a first-round pick in 2023 NFL Draft

Maybe the Saints end up turning things around and finish the season with a respectable record. That's entirely possible if Dennis Allen figures things out and can turn his team around but as of now, the Saints look like one of the worst teams in the NFL and unlike most teams, they won't even be able to capitalize and improve as a result of their poor season.

Of course, there's still a chance that the Saints are able to add some picks if Sean Payton decides to return to coaching since he's still under contract with the franchise. They're probably not getting a first-round pick for him though.

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I hate piling on to what's already been a bad season but it's hard not to circle the fact that the Saints don't have a first-round pick on the list of problems for this organization. They won't even be able to capitalize off of their poor performance this year and that really sucks.