3 Saints contracts we were happy to see end, 2 we’re eager to see expire

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Saints contract we were happy to see end: Jarvis Landry, WR

When Jarvis Landry signed with New Orleans on a one-year deal for $3 million, it was considered a bargain by some. But those who felt this way clearly didn't watch Landry's final season with the Cleveland Browns.

Landry recorded just 570 yards on 52 receptions with two touchdowns in 2022. He also had the second-worst catch percentage of his career, pulling in just 59.8 percent of his targets — his worst was 54.4 percent in 2018 which was his first year in Cleveland.

He also refused to take any blame for his struggles as he was passive-aggressively complaining about not getting the ball. But since he was a likable figure in Cleveland, everyone ignored it — kind of like how they pretended he wasn't openly campaigning to be traded along with Odell Beckham, Jr. during the team's 2019 meltdown.

In New Orleans, Landry started out hot with seven receptions for 114 yards in Week 1. However, he was a non-factor from that week on. Landry played in just eight more games and had 18 receptions for 158 yards in those games.

Never known as a burner (he led the NFL in 2017 with 112 catches but managed just 987 yards), he looked slower than ever in 2022 and fans were happy to see the homecoming last just one year.