3 former Saints who are still free agents

2024 free agency has been going on for nearly two weeks and some former New Orleans Saints players are still searching for new teams.
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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1. Receiver Michael Thomas

The biggest Saints free agent this offseason is undoubtedly Michael Thomas. After eight seasons in New Orleans, establishing himself as one of the greatest receivers in franchise history, Thomas’ time with the team has unfortunately ended. While the Saints are searching for receivers, Thomas is searching for a new team.

There haven’t been many rumors attached to his name, though he was being recruited by Tyreek Hill. The Miami Dolphins are in the mix for Odell Beckham Jr., so that could affect Thomas’ chances of joining that elite offense. Either way, it’s safe to assume that Thomas will end up with a contender.

Now 31 years old, Thomas is likely focused on winning a Super Bowl. Teams in the mix for Super Bowls are always searching for veteran receivers. Surely contract size will also be a factor. It doesn’t seem like Thomas is in a rush, and it’s still pretty early in the offseason, so it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out with Thomas’ future.