A new era of New Orleans Saints football is upon us

Alvin Kamara #41 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Alvin Kamara #41 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New Orleans Saints moved to 2-1 this past Sunday, beating a solid Patriots team. It was a good matchup with many positives for the Saints.

The post-Drew Brees era is off to an interesting start. We’ve seen a different style of Saints football without Brees under center.

In the past, for NOLA, it’s been all about the offense. All about Sean Payton, all about Brees, all about the crazy plays we design. However, now we’re seeing a much different Saints team.

How the New Orleans Saints are starting a new era

With past Saints teams, it was usually all about the offense. Whether it was Sean Payton and his unique play designs or Brees throwing for a high amount of yards, this has been a team that people look at and expect a high-powered elite offense.

However, this year it’s been all about the Saints’ defense. The defense has absolutely shown out this year playing at a high level of football.

Players like Marshon Lattimore and Demario Davis have been playing at such a high level that they could be in talks for an All-Pro selection later in the year if they keep this up.

This defense has done an extraordinary job of creating pressure and turnovers. The Saints already have six interceptions as a team on the year. That means the team is averaging two interceptions a game.

The defense has set the offense up multiple times with good field position leading for an easy offensive drive. For example, in the second quarter, the P.J. Williams interception set the good guys’ offense up beautifully in the red zone, ultimately leading to a touchdown.

The defense seems to have a certain energy when they step on the field. Almost every second on that field, the defense looks hungry and excited to be out there.

In years past, we’ve seen Saints teams that are more offense-oriented than defensive-oriented. It’s usually been all about Sean Payton or Drew Brees. Past teams have also usually been about making big plays or slinging the ball downfield (besides Brees last year). However, this year the Saints have played a very conservative offense with a lot of safe plays.

This has to do mainly with the fact that Sean Payton trusts his defense probably more than ever. It’s all about controlling the clock now and trusting our defense. When in years past, it was all about the offense.

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Speaking for most fans, I love watching this defense. With so many energetic players, it makes it one of the most exciting defenses to watch.

From veterans like Cam Jordan and Demario Davis to young studs in Marshon Lattimore and C.J. Gardner-Johnson, it has you could want in a fun, exciting defense. Fans should look forward to next week facing the 0-3 New York Giants.