Saints: Imagine how lethal the offense could be with Julio Jones

Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons and Michael Thomas #13 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons and Michael Thomas #13 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

New Orleans Saints fans are trying not to get their hopes up regarding Julio Jones landing in the Big Easy but there’s been a report that has fans a little more optimistic than before.

Matt Lombardo of FanSided wrote an article detailing a few things trending in sports and Jones was the highlight. In the article, he mentioned that an NFL executive was quoted as saying,

"“Watch out for the Saints,” the executive says. “They’re in the same division, yes, but if they’re the Falcons’ best offer, you kind of have to consider it.”"

This news has Saints fans excited because Julio Jones would give the team their surefire No. 2 wide receiver. Jones teaming up with Michael Thomas at the wide receiver position would make the Saints an absolutely terrifying offense because now teams would have to account for both of those guys as well as Alvin Kamara, who catches passes as well.

The Saints’ offense would be unstoppable with Julio Jones.

The biggest problem for New Orleans’ offense entering the 2021 season isn’t that they won’t have Drew Brees anymore. In fact, their offense is still regarded as pretty good. The issue is that outside of Thomas, the Saints don’t have a true receiver who scares opponents. Kamara is probably the second scariest and he’s a running back.

Adding Jones would no longer make that an issue and would give Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill yet another weapon at their disposal. As the quoted executive said in Lombardo’s article, if the Saints offer Atlanta a king’s ransom, they’d have to consider trading a 32-year-old receiver for that, especially if it could help them eventually land another playmaker that they could wave in the Saints’ faces for years to come.

New Orleans needs another electric playmaker and Jones could be that. Adding him to an offense that already has Thomas and Kamara would be enough to make the Saints a feared team. It’s fun to picture this offense with these guys all healthy and ready to go because we all know how dangerous this Saints team could be with just one more explosive weapon.

Julio Jones could be that guy.

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Before, no one really thought there was any chance that the Falcons would trade their best weapon to a division rival, but anything can happen in today’s NFL.