The New Orleans Saints should sign these free agents immediately

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Number One: Taylor Gabriel

There are multiple wide receivers the New Orleans Saints could choose to sign to help add some depth, but I’m going with Taylor Gabriel because he is the mold of the wide receiver the Saints seem to be looking for.

Many people are calling for the Saints to bring back Kenny Stills, which I am certainly not opposed to, but based off the bubble players on the roster for the squad, Gabriel seems like a more likely candidate.

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In recent weeks when a wide receiver has been ruled inactive or injured, we’ve seen the Saints bring guys like Austin Carr and Tommy Lee Lewis up off the practice squad.

Taylor Gabriel would likely be the exact same price and be significantly more productive in what would likely be a similar role on the team.

When the Saints bring these guys up to the active roster, they aren’t necessarily looking for guys to make a huge impact, but rather a good role player with big-play potential. Taylor Gabriel has all the big play potential you could want as an NFL head coach.

We’ve seen a lot of mix and matching in the Saints’ wide receiver room as Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Deonte Harris, and Marquez Callaway have all missed time and they could use some stability at the position.

Callaway is expected to miss at least two or three more games and bringing in a guy who can do just about anything on the offensive side of the ball seems like a good replacement.

If the Saints lose Michael Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders again, I’m not certain the backups on the roster would be able to get the job done down the road.