With a new contract, what will Taysom Hill’s role for be for the Saints?

Taysom Hill was labeled a “joker” in the Saints offense last season, and his value to the attack is far from a joke. After seeing glimpses in 2019, what’s expected out of the “Swiss army knife” in 2020.

The do-it-all threat played quarterback, running back, tight end, wide receiver, full back, punt block, kick-off, punt, and kick return for the Saints in 2019. That’s a lot of position meetings, and diverse training required for a player signed on to be a quarterback.

The “swiss army knife” player may have been created in a lab by Sean Payton. The player who’s been compared to Steve Young by Sean Payton could be taking over for Drew Brees in 2021. In the meantime, he’s Sean Payton’s do-it-all playmaker.

For 2020, Sean Payton wants to garner a plethora of plays from Hill’s talent. Hill recorded seven receiving touchdowns last year, and he pulled out a career performance in his biggest game of the year.

Against Minneapolis, Canal Street Chronicles points out how Taysom Hill was the first player in playoff history to 50 receiving yards, 50 rushing yards, 50 passing yards, and one tackle in one game.

Hill could be making more big plays than he did last year. With Emmanuel Sanders joining the offense, there’s finally an elite deep threat for Hill to capitalize off with his arm strength.

The improving craft of speed demon wide receiver Deonte Harris will be significant for Hill’s passing role. These two deep threats could help Hill get more snaps at quarterback, especially with Brees’ Achilles being his arm strength.

Taysom Hill is a great story, since being undrafted out of Green Bay. The quarterback has proven to be versatile for the Saints since Sean Payton brought him in and saw more potential in him then quarterback.

Hill went from maximizing his opportunity first off at kick off in 2017, by making a tackle on his first kick off rep, to taking reps a couple of years down the road at quarterback in 2020 for Drew Brees.

His role(s) represent what Tim Tebow may have had to adjust to if he wanted to make a living in this league.

Taysom Hill may be taking over at quarterback for Drew Brees in 2021 through his relentless work ethic and rare talent. For now, he will look to recap performances he had in the last playoff game and in the last thanksgiving game, where he was dangerous all over the field.

On Thanksgiving, he blocked a punt on a series, and then he scored a receiving touchdown on the next offensive series. Later in the game, he scored on a long rushing touchdown.

Unfortunately, Hill didn’t get the three-piece for touchdowns because Hill got pressured in his face when he went to attempt a pass on a double reverse. Sean Payton was dirty for bringing that game plan into action.

Hill will look to improve his role and production from last season and continue to be an inspirational story for the NFL fans watching.