The New Orleans Saints should try to sign Dez Bryant this week

The New Orleans Saints need help out wide.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. And no, it has nothing to do with the Alabama Crimson Tide. It’s about the wide receiving corps of the New Orleans Saints, which has been just Michael Thomas leading the way.

Thomas leads the NFL with 1,027 yards and has hauled in 86 receptions, even though opponents know New Orleans does not have many pass-catchers besides him.

If this statistic feels like déjà vu Saints fans, it does.

In 2018, the Saints went on a 10-game winning streak and even then, they had to bring in someone to boost the offense.

That player was free agent wideout Dez Bryant, just several months after he was released by the Dallas Cowboys.

His unfortunate Achilles injury left his NFL career in doubt, but he is ready for a comeback and it’s the Saints’ job to bring him back in.

Why bring in a 31-year-old wide receiver who is coming off surgery on his Achilles? Well, what else can the Saints do? It’s do or die time for New Orleans.

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It doesn’t matter what some apparent “experts” think of Bryant, as the average Saints fan can note the lack of the team’s offensive playmakers.

The decision to bring in Bryant is based on statistics and productivity.

So far this season, without Thomas, here are New Orleans’ passing numbers.

RB Alvin Kamara – 41 rec, 326 yards, TD

RB Latavius Murray – 25 rec, 160 yards, TD

TE Jared Cook – 21 rec, 242 yards, 2 TD

WR Ted Ginn Jr. – 20 rec, 296 yards, TD

TE Josh Hill – 15 rec, 160 yards, TD

QB Taysom Hill – 9 rec, 100 yards, 3 TD

WR Tre’Quan Smith – 6 rec, 88 yards, TD

FB Zach Line – 5 rec, 31 yards

WR Deonte Harris – 3 rec, 10 yards

TE Dan Arnold – 2 rec, 25 yards

WR Austin Carr – 1 rec, 9 yards

RB Dwayne Washington – 1 rec, 6 yards

So, the main thing to take away from those numbers is that Kamara is the second-leading receiver on the Saints, as a running back, and he trails Thomas by 45 catches and 701 yards.

Ginn Jr. is the second-leading designated wide receiver on the team, and Thomas beats him by 66 receptions and 731 yards.

That finding is an astronomical sign that there is no offensive consistency at the No. 2 wideout position or really any other contributing spot beside the No. 1 spot where Thomas flourishes.

It also shows that New Orleans’ re-signing Bryant is most likely the best solution to its problem.

Bryant said the Saints would be the first team he contacts for an NFL career resurgence, but whether he follows through on that commitment is a guessing game.

But what isn’t debatable is that Bryant has already been a part of this organization and seemed to build a great camaraderie with the Saints’ coaches and players in 2018 before his Achilles injury.

And, also, a Bryant signing would not break the bank and could only help the offense.

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After their loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Saints would undoubtedly regroup themselves to get back on the winning track. But they should bring in Bryant now before another team does so that opponents facing the Saints have another weapon to worry about during games.