Part three: One pick and one signing that will make the 2018 Saints better

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Problem areas

There are a few areas that have become outliers during Loomis’ tenure, however. The front-seven comes to mind, as well as the tight end position. Besides Jordan, Will Smith, and Johnathan Vilma, Loomis has been unlucky when it comes to landing game-changing players in that area.

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For tight ends, Jimmy Graham, who was a third round selection, is the best steal and best overall tight end in Saints history. Loomis deserves credit for that find. Graham is the first and only Saints tight end to amass 1,000 yards in a season and he did it twice for the Saints. Graham was traded a few seasons ago, and New Orleans’ struggles at tight end began yet again.

For defensive tackles, Sheldon Rankins seems to be a stud in the making. However, it’s unknown if he will actually turn into the highly talented player the Saints drafted him 12th overall for. And Nick Fairley’s short stint with the Saints was impressive but it left quicker than it came. Jeremy Shockey was an excellent veteran pick up, as he helped the team win Super Bowl XLIV. But the Saints got him towards the tail end of his career.

With the NFL Free Agency period beginning in less than two weeks and the 2018 NFL Draft occurring in late April, it’s time for Loomis to try again. Addressing those areas in part four, both can be considered under-the-radar. Let’s get a couple more positions back on track.