Handling a Saintless Sunday with the bye week blues

CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 24: Michael Thomas
CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 24: Michael Thomas /

Every year, there is a Sunday without a game for the New Orleans Saints. So here at Who Dat Dish, we’ve got you covered. Here are some therapeutic options that may fill the void.

First and foremost, if the bye week is really bothering you, maybe it’s time to get away from the game for a bit. Strangely enough, Saints players are not wearing their helmet 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Coaches and players do have lives outside football amazingly enough.

Of course, the obvious piece of advice would be to go and get some family time. Your wives or significant others might have been wanting to see that new movie. Or maybe your kids want to go see the zoo and watch the giraffes. On the other hand, maybe you’ve neglected your dog or cat for awhile. Go take him or her to the best fire hydrant in town.

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As shown above, these are some “common sense” options to choose from. Obviously, in Who Dat Nation we are all different. Surely, all of us wear the black and gold on Sundays, but everyone swings a different kind of bat so to speak. Regardless, all of us are Who Dats.

Perhaps, it’s time to break out that suit you haven’t worn since Star Wars came out. There are plenty of churches out there for anyone. I promise the place won’t fall down on top of you if it’s been awhile. Maybe it’s the water that’s calling you. Where else can you go swimming in October? Break out that bathing suit and take a dip. The water might actually relax you. Just maybe you can brag to your co-workers that you got some sun and sand. At least they’ll envy you for a day or two.

Finally, for those diehard fans that just can’t do it. In other words, football is your oxygen. Go to your bread and butter. Watch the 2009 New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. Watch the whole season if you have it. Of course, there’s always the implosion of the Atlanta Falcons from last year. That’s always a good rerun to get spirits up.

Either way, try and enjoy this Sunday. Everyone needs a break from the ups and downs of a football season. LSU and Tulane won this Saturday. Somehow our city has dodged another storm. No doubt, we got it good down here in New Orleans. When in doubt, there’s always a po-boy waiting for you somewhere. No shame in just taking in some shrimp with mayo and Crystal  and watch the people go by.