1-0n-1 Interview with QB Zach Terrell Continued (Part 2)

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 02: Zach Terrell
ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 02: Zach Terrell /

Who Dat Dish continues part 2 of the interview from last week before Pro Day with quarterback Zach Terrell.

Terrell just finished up Pro Day yesterday. Here is what quarterback coach Terry Shea had to say when all was done. Shea has worked with quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford.

Shea has also worked under the leadership of Bill Walsh. Furthermore, he has over 35 years of college and professional coaching experience.

In case you missed part 1 of the interview, here is the link to that portion.

Here is part 2 with draft prospect Zach Terrell:

Dean Mullen: Zach how important was your coach when you were challenged early on in your career?

Zach Terrell: His consistency was incredible. His attitude was the same, even when we were 1-11 and 13-1. He still brought the energy and continued to be positive and motivate all of us. He’s taught me a lot about leadership and how to conduct myself every single day.

DM: Let’s switch gears for a second and talk about your faith. You’ve been pretty open about it. Has that defined you as a person?

ZT: I’ll say it time and time again. God has blessed me way more than I have deserved. The NFL has always been a dream of mine. God has given me the skills to get this far. It’s definitely that’s something that drives me in football and in life.

DM: Is that something that your parents instilled in you early on?

ZT: Definitely. That was the foundation that was built for me from day one. My family was very important to giving me the structure and blueprints to succeed.

DM: So Zach, do you know anything about the city of New Orleans or the Saints?

ZT: I have. I been through Louisiana and New Orleans on a short visit. I have been to a Peyton Manning Camp actually. I’m actually a Huge Drew Brees fan. I mean HUGE.

DM: It seems like there are a lot of similarities to Drew Brees, especially with the intangibles that came along with him when he came out. Can you expand on that?

ZT: For me, that is the biggest honor anyone could really say about me. Drew Brees is someone that I really look up to. I also believe that he came with a crack on his shoulder. He was told that he was too short by many of teams. I went through the same thing. He’s a field general and goes at it everyday like myself.  I watched a lot of tape of Drew Brees. Specifically, I studied his footwork. His footwork is amazing. I actually met Drew Brees. I’m actually taller than him. I’ve made sure the scouts were privy on that. Also, I’ve been one of the best quarterbacks as far as accuracy. Drew Brees has made a career on being extremely accurate.

DM: Why do you think scouts seem to miss on potential NFL stars like Dak Prescott from last year or Kurt Warner from the past?

ZT: I know it’s not an easy job to do, with all the players to evaluate. I think the hardest thing to do is measure intangibles. You can’t measure a football player’s heart or his brain. Those are the things that are very difficult to do. Some guys just have that ‘IT’ factor. At this level, all the quarterbacks can make the throws. It’s the intangibles that separate the players that will go on and have great careers. I think that’s hard to do, with the limited time scouts and coaches have with us as potential draft prospects.

DM: Is there any quarterback that you’ve looked up to?

ZT: Peyton Manning is someone that I’ve always been someone that I have respected. I just love his mind. I try and study him as much as I can. I don’t think there is anyone else out there that’s a better guy to try and emulate. I’m from Indiana so I sort of grew up watching him.

DM: Well thanks so much for spending time with me today. I wish you all the success going forward going into the NFL Draft.

ZT: Thank you..