The Next Drew Brees? Meet QB Zach Terrell From Western Michigan (Part 1)

CHAMPAIGN, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Zach Terrell /

Being neutral is usually a part of being a part of the media. The neutrality of being a reporter is essential to gaining respect in the profession. However, this is one time that I’m gonna be biased. Zach Terrell is going to be one heck of an NFL quarterback one day. Remember, you heard it here first.

The statistics speak for themselves. Terrell has been consistent over the last three years. Furthermore, he’s taken the Broncos from a 1-11 record early on, to an undefeated season last year. It’s his intangibles that are off simply off the charts though. Here is my interview with him just a few minutes ago.

Dean Mullen: Hey Zach good morning! I’m Dean Mullen, one of the experts at Who Dat Dish. How are you doing this morning?

Zach Terrell: I’m doing awesome appreciate that.

DM: I’ve read that you’ve been working hard out in Arizona and have gained about 10 pounds of muscle. Can you expand on that?

ZT: I did. I also lost three pounds while I was at it. I continue at transforming by body. I’ve also been working on my quarterback techniques. Obviously, throwing the ball and driving the ball is a little bit more easier. Throwing the deep ball a little further as well. It really went great, and I’m excited to show it at Pro Day down here on Wednesday.

DM: Is there something that you’re looking forward to in particular on Pro Day?

ZT: Honestly, I want to show them who Zach Terrell is. What I’ve done collegiately speaks for itself. Moreover, I want to show them that I can make all the throws. Showcasing my football IQ is there. Also, what separates me from all the other quarterbacks. My intangibles is something that I believe that will come across.

DM: Congratulations by the way for winning the Campbell Trophy. In your speech, you mentioned having a crack on your shoulder versus a chip. Can you elaborate?

ZT: I say I have a chip because a crack is just isn’t big enough. I consider myself a king of the toos. People will say I’m too slow, or too short or whatever. I’ve been labeled that all the way back in high school. However, I became the starter at Western Michigan as a redshirt Freshman. I’ve continued to work as hard as I can to prove those people wrong. That’s what I mean by having a crack on my shoulder. I believe that is what separates me from everyone else. They may have a chip. The crack is what motivates me every day.

DM: I saw that you help lead Western Michigan from a 1-11 season to an undefeated season which is amazing. Was there a turning point in there somewhere?

ZT: We had great senior leadership this past year. Three years ago when we were down 21 points to Ball St. I was a sophomore then. Coach came in and said ‘Aren’t you tired of being average’ and just walked out. We came back and won the game, and the rest is history. We went 8-5 that year and continued to build upon our success each year. It took a lot of sacrifice to get it there.

To be continued…(Part 2 Coming soon)