Saints quarterback Drew Brees feeling ‘a lot better’ than last season


At times, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees struggled a season ago.  For one, he was often under pressure, thanks to subpar guardianship from his offensive line.  However, after a few adjustments during the offseason, that unit is revamped and ready to protect its star gunslinger.

The reoccurring pressure last year on Brees led to poor decision making, which ultimately led to a high amount of turnovers.  Because of this, people went ahead and assumed he was in “decline” due to age, and that he looked weak.  But what many people forgot to factor in was that the Super Bowl XLIV MVP was playing through the aftermath of an oblique strain he suffered during training camp.  That injury did make him look weak at times, and he’ll be the first one to admit it.

But after some offseason rest, Drew Brees said during a Wednesday press conference that he feels ‘a lot better’ than he did in 2014, because the soreness that came along with that oblique strain is no more.

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Look, I understand that usually the older you get as a player, the less productive you get.  But does “less productive” lead the NFL in passing yards?  Does a “declining” quarterback throw 33 touchdowns and finish the season with the third-highest completion percentage of his career? I don’t think so.

You can take all that decline nonsense and throw it out the window.  In fact, throw it in a big crate and sink it to the bottom of the Mississippi River.  With a potentially tantalizing run game, a revamped offensive line, a well-conditioned and refreshed body, and an offense that should once again be unpredictable after trading away target-eating tight end Jimmy Graham and adding the versatile C.J. Spiller to the backfield, Drew Brees looks to continue to man one of the most high-powered offenses in the National Football League as one of the league’s (still) elite quarterbacks.

Questions continue to surround the defense, but don’t second guess this team on the other side of the ball.  The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees open up the regular season on the road Sunday versus the Arizona Cardinals.  Tune in at 3:05 PM CST to watch this “declining” quarterback and high-powered offense prove they’re still one of the best in what should be a high-scoring contest on both ends.  If preseason was any indication, Brees should shine.

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