Former Saints tight end Jimmy Graham shows off his new Seahawks uniform


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Jimmy Graham is no longer with the New Orleans Saints, but everybody knows that.  At least I hope so — it was kind of a big deal.  To kick off the free agent frenzy, the Black and Gold traded away their All-Pro tight end to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for center Max Unger and the No. 31 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Jaws dropped when fans found out Drew Brees‘ favorite target and one of the most deadliest pass-catching weapons in the league would be moving his talents from the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest.

Is the situation for better or for worse?  Only time will tell as the Saints look to take advantage of their revamped offensive line, a new versatile running back in C.J. Spiller, a big physical corner in Brandon Browner and a handful of rookies with the potential to make an immediate impact down on the bayou.

The decision to deal Jimmy Graham can be thanked for all of the above, but we’re not here to talk about that today.  We’re here to show you what the Pro Bowl tight end looks like in his new ‘work suit.’

Graham took to Twitter Monday evening, showing off his Seahawks uniform, and I must admit, it’s bittersweet.  Sure, he looks big, strong and healthy.  He almost looks like a Madame Tussauds wax figure. But as far as the uniform itself looks, nothing compares to that black and gold.  Right, Saints fans?

Jimmy Graham totaled 386 receptions for 4,752 yards and 51 touchdowns during his five-year career with the Saints.  He is a three-time Pro Bowl selection and was named first-team All-Pro in 2013.  However, I don’t think the loss of him will affect that high-powered New Orleans offense like many believe.

Sure, it’ll be tough to adjust at first, but as long as Drew Brees is running the show and his protection stays healthy, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.  We should see the Saints get back to their old ways, spreading the ball and being unpredictable once again.  Opposing teams were beginning to figure out their strategy, and half of the time it was get the ball to Jimmy Graham.

So, Seattle, you can have your Jimmy Graham.  New Orleans will take their Max Unger, C.J. Spiller, Brandon Browner and Stephone Anthony.  Because if it weren’t for the decision to trade the tight end away, some, if not all of the above might not have even been possible.

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