Joe Morgan re-signing a big win for New Orleans Saints


The New Orleans Saints recently re-signed wide receiver Joe Morgan after parting ways with the somewhat troubled receiver in December before the past season ended.  After some off-field and locker room issues, Morgan found himself on the streets.

Last week, however, the Saints found new hope and decided to give the wideout another shot with the organization.  Is this really a good idea?  Will Joe Morgan keep his head on straight?  Of course, with dangerous speed and a familiarity with the system, everybody wants to see him excel, but Sean Payton will have no problem kicking Morgan to the curb again if he falls out of line, especially with the contract he’s resting on.

The one-year deal that he signed last week is reportedly worth $585,000 — the league minimum for a guy with two years of NFL experience under his belt.  Morgan has been in the league longer than that, but due to a number of injuries, he’s only seen time on the field in 2012 and 2014, and totaling just 19 games.

He received a $15,000 signing bonus, which totals his money to $600,000 — the league minimum for three years of experience.  However, that $15,000 is his guaranteed money as well.  That’s pocket change in the NFL.  If Morgan produces, the team benefits.  If he takes a wrong turn and gets cut again, the club practically loses nothing.

Of course, expectations are that Joe Morgan has conquered his issues and will be a vital piece to the offensive puzzle.  His speed, versatility and ability to stretch the field as a deep threat receiver for QB Drew Brees is undeniable.  In fact, in two years played, he averages a staggering 33.6 yards per catch.

The deal is a big win for the New Orleans Saints for several reasons.  For one, Joe Morgan is cheap.  If healthy and well-behaved, he could be a major contributor, especially with Kenny Stills out of the picture.  His presence on the practice field could also help newly acquired corner Brandon Browner improve.  Browner stands at 6-foot-4 and often has trouble with some of the smaller, speedier wideouts like Morgan.

It’s a good pickup for the Black and Gold that could benefit the team tremendously if the kid can just keep his head on straight.  However, with some promising young talent on the team looking to emerge in 2015, Joe Morgan will likely have to fight his way through training camp for a final roster spot.

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