Junior Galette’s Accuser Files Civil Suit Against Saints LB


Remember when New Orleans Saints LB Junior Galette was arrested in early January on misdemeanor domestic violence and simple battery charges?  Well, after a quiet month, the story has finally resurfaced.

Galette’s alleged victim has decided to file a civil suit against him in Jefferson Parish, according to NOLA.com.  The suit makes some pretty harsh claims that include beating, drugging and sexual abuse.

The woman is also claiming that she and Galette have been in an abusive two-year relationship and that he and an unnamed Saints player groped her while other team members watched during a party at the linebacker’s home.

Galette’s attorney, Ralph Whalen is calling the suit a shakedown attempt that is ‘filled with lies’ after the woman and and her lawyer Joseph Raspanti looked to seek a $2 million settlement that was rejected that was shown in a portion of a letter from Raspanti released by Whalen.

Statement by Whalen:

“The person who falsely accused Junior has retained a lawyer and requested in writing an outrageous $2 million shakedown or they threatened to file this lawsuit that is filled with lies.  This is a shakedown.  We unequivocally rejected their offer because we are confident an investigation and a full hearing of the facts will reveal that Junior Galette behaved appropriately and will be cleared.”

Raspanti released a statement demonstrating his anger towards the release of the letter:

“In any civil lawsuit, all settlement negotiations, especially ones that are explicitly deemed as confidential, clearly should not be discussed to public.  I am saddened that this attorney (Whalen) would stoop to such a conduct in an attempt to distort the true issue here, which is domestic violence.”

According to NOLA.com, Raspanti (accuser’s attorney) said that the NFL has yet to reach out to their side involving the case.  According to the Saints Senior VP of Communications and Broadcasting Greg Bensel, the team has no comments at this time.  As the mess involving New Orleans’ leading pass rusher unfolds, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date, Who Dat Nation.

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