Potential overly-simplistic solution to Saints red zone problems

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints haven't exactly lit up the scoreboard when they have gotten into the red zone. Here ic a potential remedy for the Saints red zone woes.

Look, we're at the part in the season for the New Orleans Saints given where they're at where it's time to just throw your hands up and say "to heck with it" (this is the clean version) and just start throwing ideas at the wall once those hands come down and see what sticks. It's no secret that the Saints have had their fair share of issues when they are fortunate enough to have stumbled into the red zone, so looking at some numbers, there is one potential solution that is so crazily simplistic we just may be onto a little something.

One of the few feel-good stories of this season has been the return of tight end Jimmy Graham to the Big Easy. Sure, he's obviously a far-cry from his prime when he and Drew Brees would basically toy with opposing defenses on a weekly basis, but that doesn't mean it still hasn't been fun watching him catch touchdowns in a Saints uniform again. Hey you have to find enjoyment where you can at this point right?

Speaking of which, we couldn't help but notice this stat regarding Jimmy Graham's season with the Saints to this point.

Himmy indeed.

We've been bashing our heads against the wall trying to figure out how to solve the Saints issues in the red zone woes to the point that canaries are flying around said heads. So now, it begs the simple question, why don't they just throw it to Graham more often in the red zone?

Sure, he's no longer a spring chicken, but he is still 6'7", and provides a huge target with inhuman hops, even if they aren't what they used to be.

Look, this isn't the most complex solution for the New Orleans Saints in the red zone. We obviously realize that. At the same time though, why not?