What will Cedrick Wilson Jr. add to the Saints offense in 2024?

The New Orleans Saints recently signed wide receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. to a two-year contract. Here is how he will impact the offense next season.
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The New Orleans Saints have signed former Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Cedrick Wilson Jr., to a two-year deal. This signing may not be flashy, but it could impact them positively. Before this signing, the Saints only had three wide receivers on the roster. Wilson helps create depth and could give them a solid option from the slot.

Cedrick Wilson Jr. is entering his sixth year in the league. He played his first three years with the Cowboys before signing a deal with the Dolphins. Wilson’s most notable year was 2021, when he caught 45 passes for 602 yards and six touchdowns. In the past two years, he hasn’t produced as much as the Dolphins thought he would but he was sitting behind Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, so it makes sense. Wilson has a chance to increase his production in this New Orleans Saints offense next year.

In the 2021 season, where he had his best year, Wilson lined up in the slot 90.2% of the time according to PFF. After that season, he signed with the Dolphins and that number decreased to just 46.5% in 2022 and 36.6% in 2023. The Saints should see that and utilize him in the position where he has thrived before. Wilson also only has six drops in his career. He is sure-handed, which the Saints need going into next season.

Wilson brings experience to the Saints as well. Miami’s head coach, Mike McDaniel, is from that Shanahan tree, like New Orleans offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak. They run a very similar offense to what the Saints will most likely run next year. Wilson can come in and help teach that offense to the other pass catchers in the room, thus making it easier for them to understand the playbook and develop.

The addition of Cedrick Wilson Jr. may not get many Saints fans amped up, but it is a solid signing. Wilson can do a lot of things that New Orleans needs help with next year. Signings like this should help the Saints compete in 2024.