What we learned after the Saints' gross loss to Ravens in Week 9

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints
Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints looked sloppy on Monday Night Football and ended up losing by a score of 27-13 to the Baltimore Ravens, who looked like a much better team. The Ravens dominated this game from start to finish and with this loss, the Saints missed out on their chance to keep up with the Buccaneers for first place in the division.

But hey... Most 3-6 teams don't have that problem because they're already out of the running. Thank goodness for the dumpster fire that is the NFC South, eh?

Anyway I'm glad that game is over with but we need to discuss what was learned from the loss.

"Oh no! We suck again!"

The Waterboy quote rings true here. This time last week, Saints fans weren't convinced that the team was good but they were coming off a 24-0 victory over the Raiders and it felt as though maybe Alvin Kamara's locker room speech might have ignited a fire in the Big Easy.

Yeah haha, that didn't happen on Monday night. The offense was lifeless, the defense let Lamar Jackson juke all over them, and the team scored six measly points before tacking on a touchdown in garbage time. That's the difference between playing a trash Raiders team and a good Ravens team.

Primetime Andy Dalton is scary and not in a good way

While Dalton didn't perform as poorly as he did in the Thursday night loss a few weeks ago, he put up another stinker in primetime. The offensive line did him no favors but Dalton was definitely rushing things and it led to bad throws. No one thought the guy was the long-term answer moving forward but the team should have thrown Taysom Hill out there more when things clearly weren't working with Dalton.

Speaking of Hill...

Feed Taysom!

Last week in that blowout win over the Raiders, Alvin Kamara took over with Taysom Hill sprinkled in. It was effective so why did the team go away from using him? When Hill was out there, good things were happening whether he completed a pass to Chris Olave or rushed for a few yards to make the first-down marker easier to obtain.

It's almost as if Pete Carmichael just forgets that Hill exists. It's so frustrating.

Injuries galore

Off the top of my head, the players who got dinged up in this game were Alontae Taylor, Erik McCoy, Pete Werner, and Marcus Davenport. All of those guys except for Taylor didn't return to the game after their injuries.

This is the last thing New Orleans needed this season. They're already down Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, Marshon Lattimore, and Mark Ingram, but now there are more notable players who could miss time. Not good.

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