What should the Saints do with these pending free agents?

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Jarvis Landry

It felt like hitting the jackpot when the Saints agreed to terms with Landry on a one-year deal. Landry played college football at LSU so reuniting him with the fans who rooted for him during his college years while also filling a need on the offensive side of the ball seemed too good to be true.

Well, so far, it turns out that it was too good to be true, as Landry has been injured and missed three games. He got off to a red-hot start by tallying over 100 yards in his first game as a Saint but since then, he's cooled off tremendously and the injury is probably why.

If Landry can return to action and plays well, I'd be fine with the team re-signing him but it's likely that he'd want to sign elsewhere.

Mark Ingram

The Saints made a trade during the season last year that brought Ingram back to the team that drafted him 10 years prior. At the time, fans were stoked, as Ingram filled in for an injured Alvin Kamara but this year, Ingram hasn't looked the same. He looks old.

The Saints should not make the mistake of bringing Ingram back next offseason. Chances are they can probably land a more productive running back later on in the draft or even in undrafted free agency.

Andy Dalton

It was a little surprising when the Saints signed Dalton to back up Jameis Winston but it didn't make me mad necessarily. Winston had been injured during the previous season and no one knew how he was going to perform so bringing in a seasoned veteran such as Dalton in made sense.

Dalton was decent through three starts but he showed his limitations in the fourth start. If the Saints are going to have Winston in 2023, they might as well plan to start him and have Taysom Hill and maybe a young player as the backup options.

My vote is to not re-sign Dalton.

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Well, Saints fans, I want to hear from you. Which free agents do you want the team to re-sign and which ones are you okay with saying good-bye to?

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