The Week 17 game between Saints and Raiders will be more than a game for Derek Carr

The New Orleans Saints are set to face Derek Carr's former team, the Las Vegas Raiders, in Week 17, in what will likely be an emotional game for Carr.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints will host the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 17 of the regular season. This matchup is going to be more than just a game for quarterback Derek Carr. Carr spent the first nine seasons of his career with the Raiders. He was then benched and cut by the Raiders in 2022. This sets up a revenge game for the veteran quarterback as he tries to get back against the team that cut him.

On the Up & Adams Show,  Kay Adams interviewed former Raiders fullback Marcel Reece about Derek Carr and that Week 17 matchup. Reece was very clear when he stated “That game is going to be everything to DC (Derek Carr).” This coming from a former teammate of Derek Carr gives us insight into the magnitude of the game.

Marcel Reece says Raiders game will be everything to Derek Carr

Another interesting note that Reece brought up was “Derek Carr the entire week is going to say it’s just another game for him”. Carr isn’t going to let this game get into his head. He will try to prepare for it just as he would for any other game. Regardless of his preparation, Carr will go into that matchup guns-a-blazing, ready for his revenge.

It is worth noting that Carr isn’t the only member of the Saints team whom this is a revenge game for. Head coach Dennis Allen, Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods, Tight End Foster Moreau, and Safety Jonathan Abram were also once apart of the Raiders. This game is going to mean way more than just a game not only for Derek Carr but also for the team.

The Saints are hoping to achieve a similar result from the last time the two teams faced off. In Week 8 of the 2022 season, the Raiders traveled to New Orleans. In that game, the Saints shut them out and won 24-0.

This Week 17 game is more than just a regular season game for Derek Carr. It’s his opportunity to take revenge on his former team. He may have to wait the majority of the season for it, but when the time comes, Carr is going to be ready.