We can probably add the Broncos to the list of teams who might want Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints sadly lost Sean Payton as their head coach this past offseason as he decided to step away from coaching and the organization. Right now, Payton is enjoying retired life but no one actually believes he'll stay away from coaching in the long-term.

Prior to this writing, the Chargers and Cowboys seemed like obvious fits for Payton if he did want to return to coaching next year. The Chargers have a promising roster and Brandon Staley continues to botch everything there. If he gets canned, you best believe that Los Angeles is going to do what they can to land Payton.

The Cowboys are another team filled with talent but Mike McCarthy just isn't a good coach. He appears to have rode the coattails of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay because we've seen him fail to really take charge in Dallas. It is worth noting, however, that the Cowboys are 3-0 since Dak Prescott got injured and Cooper Rush took over, which you have to think is driving Jerry Jones crazy if he does indeed want to fire McCarthy and add Payton.

After Thursday Night Football this past week, the Broncos are probably another team that can be added to Payton's potential suitors considering how badly things have gone under Nathaniel Hackett just five games into his career.

Would Sean Payton be interested in joining the Broncos?

Denver looked terrible on Thursday night, only managing to score nine points and failing to convert on 4th-and-1 in overtime despite K.J. Hamler being wide open. Russell Wilson looks washed, Nathaniel Hackett can't coach a competent game, and the team is beat up.

While Payton couldn't help with that last point, one might think he'd be interested in having Wilson as his quarterback. He'd probably prefer a younger guy who doesn't appear to be nearing the end of his prime but the Broncos are filled to the brim with talent and Payton could more than likely win games in the Mile High City.

The problem for the Broncos is that they traded away what draft capital they had to land Wilson and then went on to pay him a boatload of cash before he even took a snap. That's going to make it hard for them to complete a trade for Payton, who is still under contract with the Saints.

Hackett has only been the Broncos head coach for five games and the team is 2-3 but they've looked far worse than their record indicates.

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Would Denver give up on him this early? Could they part ways with him following the season? Those questions remain to be seen but if Hackett is on his way out, the Broncos will definitely be giving the Saints a buzz, as they should.