Way to early 2025 NFL Mock Draft: Saints revitalize their offense

Although the 2024 rookies haven't played a snap yet, it's time to dive into a 2025 mock draft. Here is a three-round draft for the New Orleans Saints.
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Round 3 Pick 75: Devin Neal - Halfback, Kansas

For their third-round pick, the Saints add Devin Neal, the running back out of Kansas. Kendre Miller has shown bright flashes when he has been able to get out on the field. Jamaal Williams, however, hasn’t panned out as well as the Saints hoped when they signed him last offseason. Because of these factors, the Saints should invest in another halfback, and Neal could be an amazing fit.

According to PFF, in his previous three years with the Jayhawks, Neal has totaled an impressive 3,078 yards and 33 touchdowns. His best season was in 2023, where he tallied 1,280 yards and 16 touchdowns. Neal has been able to stay on the field and has produced amazing numbers when asked too.

Another part of Neal’s game that could help the Saints is his ability to be a receiving threat out of the backfield. In his career, he accounted for 457 yards and three touchdowns. This is a trait that the Saints love for the halfbacks to possess.

Many experts believe that Devin Neal will cement himself as one of the top halfbacks in college football. His productivity and experience should make him a highly coveted player for many teams next year. Neal is one player that the Saints should target in the 2025 NFL Draft.