Way to early 2025 NFL Mock Draft: Saints revitalize their offense

Although the 2024 rookies haven't played a snap yet, it's time to dive into a 2025 mock draft. Here is a three-round draft for the New Orleans Saints.
Oregon State v Colorado
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Now that the dust of the 2024 NFL Draft has settled, and the rookies are starting to sign their contracts, becoming official member of the New Orleans Saints, it seems like the perfect time to start looking forward to the draft next year.

With the 2024 season not even started yet, there’s no telling what order teams will be picking in or how exactly draft boards will look. However, we can do our best to proejwct. So let’s project a way-to-early three-round NFL Mock Draft for the Saints.

Round 1 Pick 11: Travis Hunter - Cornerback, Colorado

With the 11th-overall pick, the New Orleans Saints select Travis Hunter; the cornerback and wide receiver hybrid out of Colorado. New Orleans would be lucky if Hunter is available this late into the first round, but selecting Hunter would allow the Saints to have a chess piece that can be used on either side of the ball. They can decide whether they would play him at receiver or cornerback, depending on the time. 

The future of the cornerback position could be in question with Marshon Lattimore and possibly even Paulson Adebo. Lattimore has been rumored to be involved in a trade and Paulson Adebo is entering a contract year. The Saints invested a second round pick in Kool-Aid Mckinstry but they could still look to bolster the secondary with Hunter.

The receiver position is a little more filled out but all it takes is one injury that would create a massive need at the position. Although it would be more likely for the Saints to play him at cornerback, a move to wide receiver would be a real possibility.

Last year at Colorado, Hunter totalled 721 yards, 57 receptions, and five touchdowns. He has been very efficient on offense when asked to play. On defense, he tallied three interceptions to go along with that. Hunter has been very productive on both sides of the ball and if he was available at pick 11, he should be an option that the Saints explore.