Tyrann Mathieu is looking at sports media differently after a recent experience

New Orleans Saints safety Tyrann Mathieu had a recent experience that led to him looking at professionals in the media space in a different light.
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Veteran safety Tyrann Mathieu is preparing for his 12th season in the NFL. After a recent contract extension with the New Orleans Saints, it’s looking like Mathieu will finish his career at home in New Orleans. He’ll be a free agent in 2026, then he’ll have to make a decision about his career. While that’s still two years away, Mathieu is already getting prepared for his next chapter.

The star safety recently revealed that he was in attendance for the NFL’s media workshop. Every offseason, the league hosts a media bootcamp, of sorts, for players that are interested in crossing over into the media space. Mathieu and teammate Cameron Jordan were both in attendance for this year’s workshop.

After the first day, Tyrann Mathieu took to social media to admit that he has a newfound respect for sports media.

Tyrann Mathieu has newfound respect for sports media after attending media workshop

Mathieu didn’t expound on why he has this newfound respect, but a couple of assumptions can be made. He could have either realized that it’s a harder job than he imagined, or he could have interacted with some people in sports media who were very helpful to him. Either way, the sports media space is often an interesting space for former athletes to navigate, and it’ll be fun to see Mathieu eventually make the transition.

Former Saints tight end Heath Evans, who already made the transition into the media space, responded to Mathieu’s post with some advice. Evans encouraged Mathieu to be real and raw, and to lean on his experience to be able to tell stories that not many people can share.

Mathieu certainly has a vantage point that very few people can relate to. He’s been a national sensation since he was a teenager at LSU. He’s won a Super Bowl, been to three Pro Bowls, on four All-Pro teams, and has experienced all the ups and downs football has to offer. His perspective would certainly be a great addition to the media space.