Top five undrafted free agents in New Orleans Saints history

Chris Ivory, New Orleans Saints
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Number three undrafted free agent in Saints history: Keith Mitchell - Linebacker (1997)

Now we go from one defender who was rather unfortunately never had the honor of being called a Pro Bowler as a Saint (or ever), to one that was fortunate enough. The Saints brought Texas A&M Aggie Keith Mitchell to the Bayou after the talented and versatile linebacker slipped out of the 1997 NFL Draft altogether, and the return on investment was rather astounding.

The Saints got a defender who spent five years in New Orleans, spending four of those seasons as a solid starting outside linebacker.

Mitchell's best season as a starter came during the Saints' Cinderella 2000 season, where he recorded 6.5 sacks, recovered four fumbles (scoring a touchdown on one), and even had a pick-six on the side for good measure. Mitchell one Pro Bowl nod came after this season, and it was absolutely deserved.

Mitchell's undrafted free agent story of perseverance is one of the greatest in franchise history, hence his number three ranking here. The craziest part is though, is that he wasn't the best undrafted free agency find for the Saints on his side of the ball in 1997. For more on that, we venture off onto our number two entry on this list..