Top five draft busts in New Orleans Saints history

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Number two draft bust in Saints history: Shawn Knight - DL (1987)

Of course no one knew it at the time, but heading into the 1987 NFL Draft, the Saints were on the cusp of their first winning season in the history of the franchise. It was due in large part to a defense led by the legendary "Dome Patrol" linebacking corps in their first year together, and the Saints were looking to build up the defense to help them out up front.

They decided to draft Shawn Knight out of BYU, a 6-feet-6-inch, 290 pound behemoth (which is big in this or any other era) to hopefully clog up the line of scrimmage and let the linebackers hunt with the eleventh-overall selection.

It didn't go to plan.

Knight would spend one, ONE, season with the Saints, which of course was the strike-shortened 1987 season, where he played in ten games, starting none. How many sacks did the near-top-ten draft selection of the Saints manage to get his lone season? You guessed it. None.

He was out of football after one year stints with the Denver Broncos, and the (then-Phoenix) Cardinals and three career seasons

When you add all this together, Knight, like Sullivan, easily could check in at number one. However, one decision, that honestly rivals the Ricky Williams-fiasco, has to take the top, or bottom depending on who you ask and how they look at it, spot on this list.