Top five draft busts in New Orleans Saints history

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Number three draft bust in Saints history: Johnathan Sullivan - DT (2003)

This one is still just plain painful. Coming into the 2003 NFL Draft, the Saints were still a team stuck in the upper-half of the middle of the NFL pack following their magical 2000 season, trying desperately to break through the glass ceiling. Looking to beef up their interior, they drafted defensive tackle Johnathan Sullivan with the sixth-overall selection.

Suffice to say, thing did not exactly pan out.

Sullivan started twelve of the fourteen games he appeared in as a rookie, and only managed to register a single quarterback sack in those games. His sophomore season he would battle injuries, and would only manage to record 0.5 sacks. His third year? Zero starts, zero sacks.

That's right. The number six-overall pick for the Saints had 1.5 sacks in three years, and was traded to the New England Patriots for wide receiver Bethel Johnson, and they didn't waste much time to cut him loose either. Seems about right.

Sullivan has a legitimate case for being number one on our list, and quite frankly the top three involves a lot of hair-splitting, but we're giving him the number three spot. At least this defensive lineman was in New Orleans for three years, something our number two entry can't say.