Top 5 remaining needs for the Saints following the first wave of free agency

The New Orleans Saints were fairly quiet during the first wave of free agency, so there are still lots of positions that need to be filled.

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The safety position is continually becoming a more evident need. So far this offseason, the Saints have released Marcus Maye, and Lonnie Johnson Jr. signed with the Houston Texans. They did extend Tyrann Mathieu but other than that they haven’t made any moves to add to the safety room. There is still no news surrounding players such as Johnathan Abram, who played great for the Saints last year. They need to find someone who they feel comfortable playing a good amount of snaps.

Tyrann Mathieu and Jordan Howden will both be there no matter what next year. That is easing, as they are both players who played well last year. Other than that they really don’t have anyone to provide depth if one of them gets injured or just needs a couple of snaps off. Finding someone to back up those players could be crucial to the success of the Saints next season.

There are still free agents available that would help the depth. The Saints also might look to the draft, where they have had great success drafting safeties. The safety class in this year’s NFL Draft has a few players who would thrive in the Saints defense. 

This is a position that absolutely must be addressed this offseason. Luckily for the Saints, there are still plenty of opportunities to find an answer.