Top 5 remaining needs for the Saints following the first wave of free agency

The New Orleans Saints were fairly quiet during the first wave of free agency, so there are still lots of positions that need to be filled.

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Backup Quarterback

An increasing need for the Saints has been the backup quarterback. The departure of Jameis Winston means that the Saints will have to find a new backup quarterback this offseason. Jake Haener already is in the room but it would be beneficial to them, especially if it is a veteran. A veteran could help explain plays in further depth and help Derek Carr understand the defense on the sideline which Haener may not be able to do yet.

In free agency, there still are some players who would thrive in that role. Jimmy Garoppolo is one who just got released but depending on the price tag, could be an amazing move. He has experience in the Shanahan-style offense, which the Saints are running this year. He could help teach it to the offense and would make the transition much easier for all sides. Another player who could work would be Josh Dobbs, who the Saints played last year. He is a very capable backup and if needed, would come in and produce.

The Saints have signed Nathan Peterman to compete for the backup quarterback position but they can’t roll into the season without picking up someone else in addition. Peterman isn’t good enough to feel comfortable rolling into the season with him.

Without a formidable backup, the Saints season would be in danger if an injury were to happen to Derek Carr. This is a need for the Saints but it should be fairly easy to find a replacement for him.