Top 5 reasons the New Orleans Saints must draft Stetson Bennett

New Orleans Saints, Stetson Bennett
New Orleans Saints, Stetson Bennett / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Bennett to Saints, Reason No. 2: Saints need to think beyond Derek Carr

Derek Carr was a smart signing for the Saints. His addition means they don't have to completely start from scratch, which it seemed they were about to have to do. Instead of blowing it up and rebuilding, they now have a quarterback smart enough to run the offense the way Pete Carmichael wants him to.

Carr also goes from playing in a division with Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Russell Wilson, to one with Desmond Ridder, Baker Mayfield, and whichever rookie will be taken at No. 1 overall by Carolina. That means he's likely to be the best in the conference and there aren't nearly as many big names in the NFC as there were in the AFC — especially with Aaron Rodgers possibly going to the New York Jets (maybe).

That means the Saints will be the favorites in the NFC South and should be able to make some noise in the playoffs as long as Carr is starting. However, adding Carr is still a temporary fix. He's 32 years of age and by the end of his four-year deal, his career could very well be winding down.

New Orleans needs to be thinking about life after that and while Bennett is on the older side, he could slide in and replace Carr in a few years and once again reset the clock for several years. The best part is, they would be able to land him with a day-three pick, meaning they can keep building around Carr with their top selections while still considering life after him.