Top 5 players the New Orleans Saints should completely avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints, NFL Draft
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Saints prospect to avoid No. 2: Any QB in Round 1

Adding Derek Carr was a wise move for New Orleans. He might not be in the elite category but he's a legit starter in the NFL that can win games. He's also a huge upgrade over Andy Dalton, who was fine but not truly capable of airing the ball out consistently.

Having said that, New Orleans shouldn't just go into the season without someone to groom. Adding a rookie that can sit behind Carr to develop — and take over if needed in a few years — would keep them from having the issues they did in 2021 and 2022 while trying to figure it out with Dalton and Jameis Winston.

While all of that is true, they don't need to use a Round 1 pick on any quarterback — no matter which one might fall to them.

Carr's contract means he's the starter in 2023 and taking a signal-caller at No. 29 would feel like a waste. With that selection, they need to ensure they either strengthen their defensive line or add another playmaker to help Carr on offense.

Now, if a talented quarterback coming off an injury — like Hendon Hooker of Tennessee — happened to slide into Round 2, that would be the move to make. But outside of that, waiting until Rounds 3-5 to bring in a Clayton Tune or Jake Haener would be the better decision.