Top 5 needs Saints must address this offseason to become a contender

With free agency and the NFL draft looming, here are the five biggest needs the New Orleans Saints must address this offseason.

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals
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4. Linebacker Depth

The next position that the Saints need to work on this offseason is at linebacker. There are no questions about the talent of Demario Davis and Pete Werner. Both of those players are amazing and when on the field are an amazing tandem. After those two, it starts to get a little dicey.

The future of Zack Baun is uncertain as he is a pending free agent. Even if he stays, it looks like his role could be more of a pass rusher than a coverage linebacker. Next in the depth chart was Nephi Sewell. He was playing great until he tore his ACL. Now he is another question mark, as we don’t know when to expect Sewell to be back on the field. Finally, there is D’Marco Jackson. We haven’t seen a lot of Jackson so we don’t know what to expect out of him either.

Behind Davis and Werner there is lots of uncertainty. This offseason the Saints need to pick up someone, whether it is in free agency or the NFL draft. They don’t need to invest a ton of capital in it, as they need is to increase the amount of depth they have. All it takes is one injury then the reserves are sprung into action.