Three studs and two duds from Saints loss to Packers

The New Orleans Saints fell to 2-1 with a loss to the Green Bay Packers. Here are the players who stood out as studs and duds in the Saints week three defeat.
Blake Grupe, New Orleans Saints
Blake Grupe, New Orleans Saints / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Saints Stud: Derek Carr, QB

Derek Carr was playing well before his shoulder injury, completing 13-of-18 passes for 103 yards with a touchdown pass. He wasn't lighting things up but he was moving the ball and helped his team take a solid lead. He even hit a nice touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham, finally connecting in the red zone.

Carr was struggling in this area before Sunday but the Saints were still finding ways to win. This week, it appeared they were well on their way to a third-straight victory but we saw how important he is to this team as the offense was shut out after he left.

Saints Dud: Jameis Winston, QB

At first glance, Jameis Winston did well in relief of Carr. He completed 10-of-16 passes for 101 yards. He even led them down the field at the end of the game but Blake Gruppe missed a potential game-winning field goal.

However, the Saints shouldn't have been in that position. Winston was spotted a 17-point lead and if he could have orchestrated as much as one scoring drive, they would have won. Sure, they nearly had the last field goal but before that, it was all punts with him under center.

Winston couldn't keep drives going and was 1-of-5 for two yards on third downs and they converted none of the third downs when he dropped back to pass. Now, he will likely have to start a few games and he will need to be better than he was on Sunday.