These Saints players have greatly disappointed through 6 games

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints
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Jarvis Landry

Landry falls into the same category as Thomas here -- He's disappointing because he can't stay healthy. Landry has appeared in four games and has 15 catches for 168 yards. He immediately looked like a bargain for the Saints after grabbing seven catches for 114 yards in the season opening win over Atlanta but has failed to record over 25 yards after that.

Landry could be a difference-maker in this offense but he hasn't been able to get onto the field and make that difference.

Jameis Winston

This is an easy one. Through 12 quarters, Winston only looked good in one of them and that was the fourth quarter in Week 1 where he helped propel the Saints to victory over the Falcons. Without that win, this team is 1-5 and already in a lost season so we need to give Winston props for that.

However, Winston played terribly in Weeks 2 and 3 and that's what led to Dennis Allen and company allowing for him to get healthy. Andy Dalton hasn't been a superstar by any means but until he costs the Saints a game, Winston shouldn't be considered an option to start.

After throwing just three picks in his seven starts last year, Winston tossed five interceptions in three starts. That's what lost him his job in Tampa Bay and unless he cuts back on those picks, he's never going to be a starting-caliber quarterback ever again.

Saints fans had mixed opinions on Winston being the team's starter this year and unfortunately, the team is stuck with him next year too. No one is going to want to trade for him and while the team won't have to start him, they'll have to keep him on the roster.