Texans are an ideal trade partner for the Saints

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints
Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints could trade Sean Payton this offseason and if they do, the Houston Texans are the best option for them.

First and foremost, NOLA could land the No. 12 pick from Houston. The Texans own both the No. 2 and No. 12 picks but the No. 2 pick probably wouldn't be one they're willing to part with. The 12th pick, however, is one they'd likely be more willing to sacrifice.

Getting the No. 12 pick would make up for the Saints not getting to make their selection at No. 10 due to trading that selection to Philadelphia last offseason.

Another reason the Texans would be an ideal partner for the Saints in a potential Sean Payton deal is that they're in the AFC so these two teams wouldn't have to face off very often. Trading him to Carolina means having to see him twice a year and sending him to Arizona coul mean a yearly matchup. No thank you.

Saints should send Payton to Houston if he wants to return to coaching

Payton himself has said that he'd be interested in coaching the Texans. They'll own the second overall pick in the draft so Payton would get to pick the quarterback he wants in H-Town and we all know how appealing that probably is to him.

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Payton might decide that he'd rather stay retired over the offseason and if so, the Saints will be in this same situation next year. If he is interested in returning and the Texans are willing to part with one of their first-round picks, however, they're the team NOLA should be pushing for.