Taysom Hill has shown that he was deserving of extension all along

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When the New Orleans Saints extended Taysom Hill to a four-year deal worth $40 million but potentially more depending on if he took meaningful snaps at quarterback, fans weren't all that thrilled by the move. It ended up being the last big move Sean Payton had a hand in before he walked out the door toward retirement and a possible return to the league down the road.

Fans aren't so upset about the Hill contract now that they've seen what he can do for this offense, even without his BFF Sean Payton.

Through seven games this season, Hill has continued to be the Swiss Army knife that this organization needs him to be. He's thrown one touchdown pass, caught one touchdown, and rushed for five scores, giving him seven on the year. Even if you take away the one he threw for, he'd still lead the playmakers in touchdowns with six.

Taysom Hill extension not looking so bad now

Hill really has been a breath of fresh air in this offense and he's been able to do it without having to be thrust into the role of starting quarterback. Having Andy Dalton in the quarterback role allows Hill to truly be used in the role he's the best at, which is doing a little bit of everything.

"Was Sean Payton holding back Taysom Hill? That seems like a joke, but it’s really not. Hill has been unlocked this season as a part-time quarterback and part-time tight end. He’s improved as a blocker and is now one of the more valuable offensive weapons for the Saints. "

Marcus Mosher, PFF

I included the quote from Marcus Mosher because I liked the way he phrased it -- "Hill has been unlocked this season". Unlocked is a perfect word to describe what we've seen from Hill this year. The dude has been unstoppable.

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Mosher also notes that Hill is a solid blocker now and is a massive weapon for them. We all knew what he was capable of being and somehow without Sean Payton at the helm on offense, Taysom Hill has been even more dominant.