This stat shows that Saints and Bills are alarmingly similar

Buffalo Bills v New Orleans Saints
Buffalo Bills v New Orleans Saints / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Bills feel like they're leagues apart. That's why this stat related to how the Saints and Bills are similar is so surprising.

After the New Orleans Saints, somewhat surprisingly, failed to make the postseason, and the Buffalo Bills suffered yet another playoff loss at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, one would be forgiven if you thought the Saints and Bills were separated by miles in terms of quality. However, when you look at this stat, it shows that the two teams have been remarkably similar in recent years.

According to a stat that ESPN's Get Up broadcasted, there are two teams that are tied with the most wins over a five-year span that failed to reach the Super Bowl. They are the Bills of 2019-2023, and the Saints between 2017-2021. Both franchises won 58 games during those stretches, yet failed to make the Super Bowl.


Granted, those Saints years were primarily during the Sean Payton and Drew Brees Saints teams, but there is a three-season overlap. While it isn't perfect, it is pretty crazy that both teams, in a relatively shared time period, share this dubious distinction.

Now, it should be noted that the Bills are strapped with Josh Allen and the Saints are at a bit of a fork in the road with Derek Carr and their quarterback situation. However, both teams have serious question marks with their head coaches in Sean McDermott and Dennis Allen.

The point is, in recent years the New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Bills share a very similar history, which would come as somethig of a shock to many NFL fans. Having said that, it should be interesting to see where both franchises go from here, and who is lucky enough to break this objectively funny dry spell first.