Ok seriously, what is going on with Michael Thomas?

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Thomas made waves during the New Orleans Saints loss by posting on social media DURING THE GAME. It's yet another chapter in this fascinating story.

Let's just be blunt at this point and straight up ask. What in the world is going on with Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints. It seems like for about the last five years there is always something between Thomas and the Saints. Sometimes it's injuries, sometimes it's comments, and now, we've come to... this.

During the Saints 33-28 defeat at the paws of the Detroit Lions, in a game that ended much more exciting than it had any right being, Thomas was seen posting/tweeting on Twitter/X some less than flattering comments on the team, particularly Derek Carr, and coaching during the game. Silver lining, if there is one, at least he wasn't actively playing in it. Still, it's very weird.

Naturally, Thomas' account has since been deactivated, so now the ever popular "hacked" excuse can always come into play, but that doesn't seem as likely here.

As eluded to earlier, this isn't the first time we've had bizarre behavior surrounding Thomas, and even his quarterbacks. No one knows what's going on, and as seems fitting by now, head coach Dennis Allen says that the team will handle this matter in-house, so that's that.

The question of "is the juice worth the squeeze?" should be begged by now. The juicy 2019 season was legendary, but since then, we're pretty much at Carson Wentz-Philadelphia Eagles territory where holding onto that magical time isn't doing anyone any favors.

Michael Thomas is an ultra-talented football player, and the New Orleans Saints have been lucky to have him. Now, we just have to simply ask what gives? We also have to start planning ahead, becuase this ain't it, in more ways than one.

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