Scary situation involving Saints' Jimmy Graham results in arrest and hospitalization

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints legend and now once-again current tight end is involved in a situation that should have Saints fans, and anyone, wishing him the best.

It was a feel-good story when it was announced that the New Orleans Saints and tight end Jimmy Graham will be reunited, with the Saints signing him back this offseason. Now, the greatest tight end the Saints have ever had is in a rough spot, and us wishing him the best.

Graham was arrested after the police were called for a suspicious person wandering traffic on Friday evening, and was feared to be suffering some sort of episode that may have been the result of a seizure. He was then taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

The Saints released the following statement via social media:

Scary stuff.

A lot has been made, and perhaps not enough, about how the quality of life suffers in NFL players due to the physical nature of the sport, whether they are still actively playing or retired. It is especially true as it pertains to the players' neurological state, and this appears to potentially be another example.

There will surely be more to come, but for now all we can do is wish nothing but the best for Graham. It's all the more sad since he seemed to be in the highest of spirits since coming back to the Big Easy. When videos surfaced of Graham and Drew Brees having themselves a reunion at the Saints joint practice witht he Los Angeles Chargers, the good vibes continued.

Everyone here is keeping Jimmy Graham in our thoughts, as surely the entire New Orleans Saints family are as well. Things like this can really put things in perspective, and we are wishing the franchise legend nothing but the greatest of wishes on his road to recovery,