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How to save the Saints Step 3: Dennis Allen to relinquish defensive play-calling to Kris Richard

Much of the Saints' lack of success this season has been attributed to their anemic offense. However, this year's New Orleans franchise was supposed to rely on a dominant defense that could keep the team in games despite average offensive production. Instead, the Saints have now given up 132 points in its last four games.

Dennis Allen, in his second head coaching opportunity, does not have the bandwidth to be fully in charge of the defensive play-calling in addition to his other responsibilities as head coach. Relinquishing these duties to Kris Richard would give Allen the freedom to oversee the entire game plan and focus on other issues that arise on gameday.

The change would also give Richard, whose feared Seattle Legion of Boom defense allowed the fewest points in the league in his first year as defensive coordinator, a stronger say in how the defense will look moving forward.