Saints will get a glimpse of what could have been with Kenny Pickett in Week 10

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Eric Espada/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints will face their first rookie quarterback in Pittsburgh Steelers' Kenny Pickett in Week 10.

The future for the Saints doesn't look so bright as NOLA currently doesn't have a single first-round pick in 2023. Had they not made that questionable trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, they could have had a top-10 pick, but alas, what's done is done.

The Saints will have to live the consequences of their past decisions, including their choice to pass on a quarterback in the 2022 draft class. With the No. 11 and No. 19 overall picks, NOLA could have potentially drafted a quarterback in the first round.

At the time, Kenny Pickett was arguably the top prospect in his class, and the Saints probably at least considered nabbing him with the 19th pick. They ended up taking Trevor Penning instead, and the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Pickett immediately after.

Will that decision haunt the Saints in the future? Probably not. Olave and Penning were wise picks given the Saints' lack of offensive line and wide receiver depth, and the team still had faith in Jameis Winston having extended him in March.

NOLA Saints won't regret passing on Kenny Pickett in 2022

Besides, Pickett is going through a rather rough transition to the NFL in Pittsburgh.

Pickett took over as the Steelers' starting quarterback in Week 4 and has since recorded 962 passing yards and two touchdowns against eight interceptions, though it should be noted not all those interceptions were his fault.

In any case, the Saints' defense will look to feast against the pick-prone Pickett in Week 10, and if New Orleans can't win this one, they might as well start rebuilding their own roster now.

Head coach Dennis Allen showered Pickett with praise recently, calling him the highest-rated passer in the 2022 draft class, yet the young quarterback will need plenty of time and coaching to develop into a franchise starter.

While Pittsburgh's situation at quarterback may remain bleak, New Orleans' situation is just as murky. Andy Dalton obviously isn't a long-term option, and Winston might not suit up for the rest of 2022.

With little left to lose, the Saints could give gadget stud Taysom Hill more snaps under center, but we've seen his film before, and we didn't like the ending.

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