Saints vs Browns: Breaking down the Week 16 announcers

Cleveland Browns v New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints head to Cleveland for what's supposedly going to be a chilly game against the Browns. The black and gold hope to continue their dwindling dream of winning the NFC South and hosting a playoff game next month but they can only realistically do so with a win on Saturday.

The Browns will see Deshaun Watson as their quarterback for now the fourth time in this game after he served an 11-game suspension. The Saints were one of the teams looking to add Watson in the offseason and even if he ends up panning out for Cleveland, it's a good thing he didn't end up in New Orleans. Can you imagine how much worse this team would have been this season had they actually acquired him?

Anyway, this game probably isn't appealing to many people outside of Cleveland and New Orleans, so what kind of crew will be calling the game?

Saints vs Browns Week 16 announcers

In the broadcast booth on a chilly Christmas Eve in Cleveland will be Spero Dedes and Jay Feely. This game is on CBS so that's why it's a different crew than normal. This is typically one of the lower-end crews for CBS and Saints fans probably aren't entirely familiar with Dedes and Feely calling their games.

While this game doesn't thread the needle too much, the weather could make things interesting. Yes, there's certainly a chance that it makes the offenses nearly unwatchable but NFL fans enjoy cold-weather games and this will certainly be one of those.

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Hopefully, the Saints come out on top and keep their NFC South hopes alive.