Saints could be getting a surprise gift to help with horrendous salary cap battle

The New Orleans Saints have the worst salary cap situation entering the 2024 league year, but a little bit of help could be on the way soon for the team.
Jul 26, 2022; New Orleans, Louisiana, US;  New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis at
Jul 26, 2022; New Orleans, Louisiana, US; New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis at / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints will enter the 2024 offseason with the worst cap situation in the league; who could’ve saw that coming? The answer is everyone. New Orleans has been battling the cap every offseason in recent years. The Saints have routinely started new league years several million dollars over the cap, before restructuring contracts and utilizing void years to work their way under the legal salary cap.

As the NFL prepares to turn the page to the 2024 league year, New Orleans is projected to be over $80 million past the salary cap. However, the Saints could catch a break soon. That break is an increased salary cap.

According to recent reports, the salary cap for the 2024 season could be as high as $250 million. The league will announce the official number before the start of new league year on March 13, but the expectation is that it could climb near $250 million.

NFL’s expanded salary cap will help Saints

Each season, the salary cap is different. The league and the NFLPA negotiate a number for the given season, then they let teams know the number as they go into the new league year. In 2023, the salary cap was $224.8 million. It’s looking like teams will see that increase by at least $20 million.

Currently, most estimations has the salary cap at about $242 million. That’s the number that leads to the Saints being almost $84 million over the cap. If the 2024 salary cap is indeed announced as $250 million, then New Orleans would be around $76 million over the cap. That’s, of course, still a significant amount. Whatever the salary cap is, New Orleans is going to face another offseason of cap casualties and restructures. However, moving around $76 million is easier than moving around $84 million. The Saints will accept any help they can get.