The Saints have a special player in Rashid Shaheed

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

In Week 6 of the NFL season, Who Dat Nation was introduced to the Weber State product Rashid Shaheed, who became a fan favorite for the New Orleans Saints during his rookie season.

After being elevated from the practice squad, Shaheed took a 44-yard rush all the way for a touchdown. He then followed that up with a 53-yard receiving touchdown against Arizona. After that, it was a little quiet for the undrafted rookie; however, in the final few weeks, Shaheed proved he belonged in this league

In this five-game stretch, No. 89 hauled in 20 of his 23 targets for 324 yards and two total touchdowns. He's also been a key player on special teams returning kicks and punts. His most impressive game was Week 17 against the Philidelphia Eagles. Against one of the league's best defenses, Shaheed was open left and right as he hauled in six catches for 79 yards.

This stretch showed that Shaheed is more than just a gimmick player who can run the ball once or twice a game. He's a quality receiver that can contribute to this football team. It's incredible to see a player nobody knew about turn heads and show he belongs in this league.

Saints found a scary weapon in Rashid Shaheed

Shaheed is a unique player, as his speed is unreal. He was a former track and field star in his home state of California. There he was a two-time California section champion. This has paid dividends in his football career, allowing him to get by defenders and hit holes at ease.

With the future of New Orleans Saints wideout Michael Thomas uncertain, Shaheed could have a breakout year in 2023. His ability to make big plays is something this team desperately needs. This team has lacked the ability to stretch the field in recent years. Shaheed's speed allows the team to go deep with the football.

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Shaheed will have an entire offseason to sharpen his skills and improve as a player. I speak for all of Who Dat Nation when I say I'm very excited to see how he develops.