Saints Rumors: 5 offensive coordinators to replace Pete Carmichael

In 2024, it will be time for the Saints to head a new direction, offensively
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5. Josh McCown, Quarterbacks Coach, Carolina Panthers

Finally, we come to one of my favorite candidates and one of many football fans' favorite locker room guys over the past two decades. Josh McCown is another one of those former NFL quarterbacks who is going to move on to become a successful coordinator and coach, mark my words.

He is already so well-respected around the league and has always been one of the smartest players in the locker room, no matter where he goes. McCown's knowledge of the game, and overall experience having played for so many teams, is going to be highly valuable as a coordinator some day.

He might not get his chance this next offseason, but if the Saints wanted to give him an early start, it wouldn't be the worst idea. McCown is going to be hired up the coaching ladder at some point, and somewhere, so it might as well be New Orleans.

Giving Derek Carr a fellow quarterback mind as his coordinator could be beneficial, especially a guy like McCown who understands how the game has evolved in today's day.