Are the Saints preparing to clean house after latest rumors?

Drama ensues.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints are going to have an eventful offseason if reports from Jeff Duncan are any indicator. Duncan tweeted on Tuesday that after Dennis Allen spoke to the team for the final time this season, Mickey Loomis then spoke with the players afterwards informing them of changes being made this offseason.

Duncan followed up mentioning that "Monday's meeting was to set the tone for the offseason: Are you in? If not, then you'll likely be out".

Are the Saints going to hit the reset button?

Truthfully, it wouldn't be shocking if the Saints did look to start rebuilding this offseason. They're currently sitting in the red when it comes to cap space ($72 million over the cap, to be exact) so changes are going to need to be made this spring.

In the past, the Saints have handled their cap situation by kicking the can down the road and dealing with it at a later date. That later date might have finally arrived and it won't be pretty for the Saints while they go through this patch.

A lot of fans thought last year might be when the Saints took their lumps and started rebuilding but they ended up signing Derek Carr to a four-year, $150 million deal. They've had to keep players who haven't helped them much due to this approach too because it's cheaper for them to hold onto ineffective players than to cut ties with them (Andrus Peat is an example of this).

If Saints players were made aware that things are about to get tricky and some of them want out, that could mean the Saints are going to be active in the trade market. This would give them a chance to collect draft picks and build toward the future.

It could be a rough few years moving forward for Saints fans.