Potential landing spots for Michael Thomas once Saints cut longtime WR

New Orleans Saints, Michael Thomas
New Orleans Saints, Michael Thomas / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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For a while now, it has felt as though the New Orleans Saints and wide receiver Michael Thomas are heading for a split.

Thomas has had a tough time with injuries over recent years, but he's also spilled his guts via social media and criticized the team, leaving fans with a poor taste in their mouths.

With the relationship severed, Thomas will most likely end up being cut in the near future. When he is let go, which teams make the most sense for him to sign with?

Let's take a look at four potential suitors for Thomas once the Saints wave goodbye.

1. New York Jets

This year is a pivotal one for the Jets, as they enter into the 2024 offseason feeling even more urgency than they did a year ago. Last season, it was all about gearing up for a run behind Aaron Rodgers. Once he went down for the season in Week 1, things were never the same.

But now, with Rodgers returning for the 2024 campaign, and a year older, the Jets are determined to build this thing into a contender, and fast. Garrett Wilson is a top-tier weapon in this league, already, but Rodgers could use another dependable pair of hands.

With Wilson being the alpha and the bigger play type, Thomas could offer Rodgers the sure-handed type of complimentary receiver the team is lacking. Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb were never going to mean that much to this offense, despite Rodgers having strong relationships with the two of them. Maybe, Thomas can give Rodgers a bit more of a boost. Don't count out the Jets also making another move whether it be via the draft or free agency, but Thomas could make an impact.