Saints players we expected more from in 2022

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Jameis Winston

Signing Winston seemed like the right move at the time. After all, he played well until he was injured before the halfway point of the 2021 season, so why wouldn't that continue after the team added legitimate weapons for him?

Unfortunately, we saw that Winston wasn't completely healed from his back injury and that led to him performing poorly. He threw for 858 yards, four touchdowns, and five interceptions in his three starts and then was benched, likely to get healthier, but he hasn't returned to a starting role since Week 3.

Marshon Lattimore

Injuries are the reason why Lattimore is on this list. He had a 52.2 PFF grade before getting injured and had a 55.7 PFF grade in coverage. Unfortunately, though, we haven't seen Lattimore on the field since Week 5 and that's ultimately why he's considered a disappointment this year.

Marcus Maye

Last, but not least is the first-year Saint who was signed to replace the production of Malcolm Jenkins and Marcus Williams. On paper, Mathieu and Maye sounded like a solid duo to replace a previous solid duo but it hasn't worked out as well as New Orleans had hoped.

While Maye's PFF grade is decent, he's missed four games due to injuries and that's why he's here. It's hard to be much of an impact player when you're missing games.

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Which members of the 2022 New Orleans Saints were you excited about that have gone on to disappoint?